10:10 joining be2camp at Working Buildings, October 7th

10:10 joining be2camp at Working Buildings, October 7th

The climate change campaign 10:10 will use its presentation on 7 October at the be2camp social media event in London to call on the design, construction and facilities management sector to pledge a ten percent reduction in carbons emissions through their own activities by 2010.

Held over two days during the Working Buildings trade shows at London Olympia, 7-8 October, Be2camp focuses on how social media or Web 2.0 can help the industry create a better, more sustainable built environment. 10:10 will be describing how its use of social media has made its campaign an outstanding success to date.

It is estimated that the built environment contributes 40% to the UK total carbon emissions. Those in the built environment who take up the 'vow' to cut carbons will be in good company with leading UK organisations including major corporates, institutions, politicians and individuals.

Martin Brown, a co-founder of be2camp, said:

"be2camp was created in part to address the issue of sustainability through the use of Web 2.0 (social media), and this is a great opportunity for the industry to stand up with others in the UK and make the pledge to reduce their own carbons."

Malachi Chadwick, Campaign Coordinator from 10:10, said:

"This event helps 10:10 reach out to organisations, institutions and indviduals within construction and facilities management, and to have more buildings and estates people joining our campaign. There is also a good fit with be2camp's focus on social media as this too is a key element of our campaign."

10:10 is a national drive to unite people, businesses and organisations across society around a 10% cut in emissions during 2010. More at http://www.1010uk.org/

Be2camp is an international network for people interested in how the latest web applications and web design techniques (Web 2.0 eg: RSS, blogs, Twitter, Wikis, etc) could help build a better, more sustainable built environment - from planning and design through construction to occupation and management of buildings, infrastructure and landscape. It was founded in 2009 by Martin Brown, Paul Wilkinson (both from the UK), Pam Broviak (USA) and Jodie Miners (Australia), and holds regular 'unconference events' focused on social media and how it can be applied in the architecture, engineering, construction and facilities management fields. More at http://www.be2camp.com

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