BuildLONDONLive - anyone want to start a Be2camp team?

Today's news that the BuildLONDONLive event has been postponed from October to 15-17 December 2009 gives potential teams more time to form and prepare for the event - described as "a unique mix of virtual collaborative event, architectural competition and a BIM exhibition.
There may well be industry professionals among the Be2camp membership who want to get involved, either through your own organisations, or possibly by forming a team under the Be2camp banner. If you are interested in this idea, let us know.

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So - following on to today's presentation by Paul Markovits explaining a bit more about Build London Live - I hope there may be a few of you who are keen to get involved - whether in the design end of things, helping with organisation or promotions, or simply observing." target="_blank">Check out Paul's presentation on SlideShare here.

Go here to find out more about putting together teams and here to register for free!
Not sure what happened to that link to SlideShare!

Here it is again!
Paul and fellow Campers, I would be interested to join a Be2camp team as a freelancer but I am not an engineer or a designer! My contribution could be from my background in agribusiness. Currently I work with farm and forest land based business managers who use their resources to supply goods and services for food/water, energy, sport, relaxation, the processing of waste and for renewable building materials.

Energy generation using closed cycle supply chains and systems that use biomass/biofuel/omni-waste and the production of building materials in the form of structural insulation as blocks and panels for internal and external walling using renewable/recycled materials are my leading day to day priorities.

The hinterland around the site is capable of providing a considerable volume of renewable modern building materials for the construction as well as supplying essential everyday consumables and services to the people occupying the site in support of any onsite production of food and energy.

I look forward to joining others in winning this competition and showing what Be2campers can do!
we would be interested in joining the team. Is this discussion taking place elsewhere? I don't see many replies here.
There has been some Twitter-chat, but I am trying to get people to commit to involvement here if possible so that we can see who fancies joining in.
We look forward to working with the team. Not sure if anyone has referenced the wikitecture team from the Architecture for Humanity competition
I know a number of the sponsor companies involved but rather than home in one of those I would like to 'fly on the wall' a team or multiple teams using the widest toolset possible. To be of most use it needs to be on site rather than remote so London based for me.

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