I'm looking for an online tool to collect links, news articles, interesting websites, etc, where a group of people can easily and quickly save and view the references, preferably with a couple of clicks.

Ideas (good and bad) so far include; Blogger, Dig, Dipity.

Thoughts and ideas?

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Delicious? Either a delicious account that everyone shares, or even better just decide upon a tag that everyone uses to mark things for the group. Then you can use http://delicious.com/tag/your_tag_name_here to see what everyone has marked, get RSS feeds of new items, etc.

I think the main advantage is how easy it is to add something to delicious - with either the Firefox plugin or the IE toolbar buttons it becomes a two-click option to add something, and there's space for a description to add extra thoughts.
I would agree with Adrian on Delicious which I use as a personal online bookmark, and indeed is just one click from a toolbar. I am not always good at adding tags though which is essential to share and or find again.

Others to look at are Stumbledupon and Reddit
Forgot to mention Tony that we use Delicious here on be2camp to share relevant bookmarks - see the panel on the bottom right on this page
Yes I'd agree with the guys about delicious. Being really big and frequently used has its advantages above newer tools.

There is even a Wordpress plugin - Postalicious - which will compose posts of your recent delicious links to your wordpress blog automatically.

Even if you don't use wordpress it does show that people are making widgets to work with Delicious - its accepted.
I'd also recommend you take a look at evernote. It's a great way to clip websites as well as just add bookmark an article. You have fine grain control over who see's what as well. You can easily add comments, tags etc. There is a plugin for firefox that makes clipping an article very straight forward.

I like it as I can easily add scans from paper, audio or just about anything, not just bookmarks.
I saw where several people ranked Diigo above all others due to it's highlighting, note taking and other attributes the others don't have. Evernote is similar I think.

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