I'm working with a SME - Construction Engineering company to help reshape their ICT.  Thought an open discussion on this subject might help many organisations. 

Primary requirements:
  • Contact Management
    • Shared address book
    • Communication Log
  • Document Management
    • Individual document versions
    • Compatibility between different versions of documents
    • Handle CAD files
  • Project Management

We would like a robust integrated solution that delivers a good level of control, collaboration and will minimise the use of paper!

We are interested in what you use today and what you think about it in practice!

Also interested in are the Web 2.0 tools man enough for this situation. Or are we still in the early adopter experimentation stage.

We have looked at CRM tools but they miss the target for Document Management.

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I've been using Backpack from 37 Signals to develop and deliver projects with all sorts of collaborators for about four years now, and can't recommend it highly enough. You can work with others to work on multiple versions of copy collaboratively, and help clients set up free accounts so they can share and access files, calendars and other information.
That's a bit of a cludge, but get's you around having to pay for the multiple user package :)
Every page has an email address, and can also be set for limited or full viewing as a webpage.

I use their Basecamp for project management, when I'm super busy - because it's software-as-service you can downgrade again to the free version when you don't need it.
Thanks Simon good to get your input.

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