Be2Camp North is being held in the new Gallery 1 at FACT. There's an artist mockup mockup and floorplan at the Gallery1 FAQ.

Next time I'm down there I'll take a few photos of what the space is like.

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I was down at FACT earlier, so took a few photos of Gallery1 where we'll be holding Be2Camp North.

Also had a chat with one of their technicians about the facilities available. There's a dedicated WiFi router for the gallery, plus the public WiFi that can be used in the rest of FACT and the cafe. That seems to cope with the lunchtime laptop traffic okay. They don't have any dedicated ethernet in the gallery itself unfortunately, so we can't augment it further with WiFi routers (unless we're linking through to 3G dongles or something).

There's a Mac in there already set-up to talk to the projector, and there did seem to be a stray VGA cable, so I assume we'd be able to hook any other laptops to the projector.

There are also two roving microphones, and three cameras. Two of the cameras are in fixed locations covering the space, and the third is on a tripod. They all feed into some video mixer which then has a firewire connection so we could use that for the live streaming.

As you can see from the photos, the space isn't your typical conference set-up at present. The tables can be moved or removed if we don't want to use them, and more chairs can be set-up in the space too. The only immovable bit is the half-hexagon of seating you can see in this photo.


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