I am talking in the afternoon session at the CIMCIG conference at the Building Centre, London on 11 February. The outline is as follows:

14.15 Online – the rise and rise. Many are focussing on the apparently cheap alternatives offered by online marketing methods. Is it really the panacea it occasionally claims to be, and can we make a step change in ROI through enthusiastic adoption of novel communication such as Wikis, Tweets and Blogs?

I propose to say that marketers should forget any idea that proper online marketing is cheap - doing it properly takes time and effort (both of which cost money) and adoption of a different mind-set to that traditionally adopted by marketers (more conversational than broadcast-oriented). Any other ideas that I might present from a Be2camp perspective?

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I blogged in the main Be2camp blog about this - see here for a SlideShare view of the slides I did.

A further event is planned for September and I hope to make this a 'live' Be2camp event too.


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