During Build LONDON Live, Team (name to be announced) will deploy ArTrA asset management technology during their BIM efforts. A fairly detailed 3D information rich building services model that includes the usual HVAC, piping and key equipment will be created by an M&E team working out of India.

The nice folk from ArTrA will use the BIM to extract its asset information into a database allowing searches and queries to be run to find individual items or 'systems' and to link documentation to the model. If time, the BIM will be output in a COBIE format (and if you don’t yet know about COBIE - its just a matter of time before you do).

ArTrA leads the way in this niche of the FM sector by years. What will be impressive to appreciate will be that the entire process will be undertaken in under 48 hours; sure the model will have its limitations, but it will be light years ahead of anything that’s currently produced in 2D or by manual methods. Check it out.


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