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Be2camp 2008 was streamed live on the day via Ustream and the live blogging tool Cover It Live (we planned up to 3 streams on the day, but ultimately only ran one, and we had a connectivity interruption mid-afternoon which prevented recording of some sessions).

This page links to the day's commentary on Cover It Live and to the presentations and videos presented in the various sessions.

Content 1
1. Welcome to Be2camp 2008 (Martin Brown + Paul Wilkinson)
2. Free Our Data (Charles Arthur, The Guardian)
3. Free our mapping data (Angus Scown, Australia)
4. Death to Email! (Suw Charman-Anderson)
4a. Introduction to Second Life (Jon Brouchoud/Keystone Brouchard)

Content 2
5. Charrettes: The Deptford Experience (Andrew Carmichael)
6. Consultative planning: Lozells, Birmingham (Rob Annable + Michael Kohn)
7. ResidentsHQ (Asesh Sarkar)

Content 3
8. i-MO (intelligent Mobile Office) from EMS-UK (Lawrence Walker)
9. Cloud Computing (Jim McHale, Memoori)
10. Web 2.0: It's about people, not technology (Jodie Miners)
11. From content to community (Phil Clark, Building)

Content 4
12. CiClops: Construction Industry Collaborative Planning System (Vassos Chrysostomou)
13. Open Street Map and Bioregional (Tom Chance)
14. AMEE: carbon footprints (Jamie Andrews, AMEE)
15. Open Tables (Jon Goodbun + Filip Visnjic, WAG)

Content 5 - the Building Pecha Kucha
1. Affordability OR Sustainability (Martin Brown)
2. Urban design, Web 2.0 and the orgasm (Rob Annable)
3. My architecture-inspired travels (Jodie Miners)
4. Greening the Globe (Pam Broviak)
5. Patching the World (Chris Leung)
6. The Internet of Things (Adrian McEwen)
7. Bioregional (Tom Chance)

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