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Be2camp is the place for people interested in how the latest web applications and web design techniques (Web 2.0; eg: RSS, blogs, Twitter, Wikis, etc) could help build a better, more sustainable built environment - from planning and design through construction to occupation and management of buildings, infrastructure, landscape, etc.


Formed in June 2008 by four Web 2.0 enthusiasts working in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and FM sectors, Be2camp organised Be2camp 2008, the UK's (possibly the world's) first unconference focused on Web 2.0 and the built environment, which was held in London in October 2008. 2009 saw further Be2camp events in Liverpool, Birmingham and London (again), as well as a multi-location Tweet-up to mark Be2camp's first birthday. The Be2camp event concept was also being deployed in a collaboration with the Royal Institute of British Architects in October 2009. The Be2C events section of this website has become a rich archive of information presented at these unconferences.

The true Be2camp experience

Be2camp events are participative. We aim to bring together people interested in using social media (aka Web 2.0) to help discuss, collaborate, plan, design, construct and manage a better, more sustainable built environment. In Be2camp events, ie:

  • the content delivered is partly the result of discussion and collaboration beforehand by participants
  • events are low-cost or even free to attend
  • the formal roles of organisers, speakers and audience are deliberately eroded
  • participants contribute comments, photos, video, blog posts, etc, before, during and after the event (we deploy tools like TwitterCoverItLive and Ustream to help make our events as inclusive and participative as possible)
  • presentations and ad hoc contributions are captured as knowledge to be shared
  • involvement can extend to people watching, listening or reading about the event via the internet - even months later.

Be2camp founders


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