Below is a list of people who registered to attend Be2camp North. As is the nature of such 'unconferences', not everybody turned up (either in person or online), and a few attendees came along who weren't on the list.

Attending in person

1. Paul Wilkinson (London, UK) @EEPaul
2. Adrian McEwen (Liverpool, UK) @amcewen
3. Martin Brown (Lancashire, UK) @fairsnape
4. Rob Annable (Birmingham, UK) @eversion
5. Michael King (Mossley Hill, UK) @mking007
6. Aaron Nielsen (Yorkshire, UK) @oomlout
7. Ian Johnson (Liverpool, UK)
8. Steve Forshaw (Rochdale, UK) @muveon
9. Bob Leung (London, UK) @bobleung
10. Daniel Tenner (London, UK) @swombat
11. Adam Ray (Leeds, UK)
12. Alex Albon (Ormskirk, UK) @earthexchange
13. David Burden (Birmingham, UK) @davidburden
14. Kevin Morris (Toronto, Canada) @kmorr
15. Mark Doyle (Liverpool, UK)
16. P Winskill (Liverpool, UK)
17. D Baker (Liverpool, UK)
18. N Haise (Liverpool, UK)
19. Lorna Parsons (Birmingham, UK) @lornaparsons
20. John McKerrell (Liverpool, UK) @mcknut

Attending online

1. Pam Broviak (LaSalle, IL, US - Second Life?) @pbroviak
2. Dave Glennon (online, UK) @Bigman100
3. Jodie Miners (Sydney, Aus) @JodieM
4. Su Butcher (Ipswich, UK) @SuButcher
5. Mary Bayar (London, UK)
6. Jim McHale (London, UK)
7. Pete Surber (San Francisco, USA)
8. Andy White (Portsmouth, UK)
9. David Inman (Blackburn, UK) @DIEMLtd
10. Daniel Gillespie (online, UK)
11. Daniel Gilbert (Dundee, UK)
12. Jeff Smithson (Lancashire, UK) @jeffsmithson
13. Keith Alexander (Copenhagen, Denmark)
14. David Harrison (Wellington, New Zealand) @paintbuoy
15. Leslie Tom (Tucson, Arizona, USA) @ArchitectureCo
16. Emma Law Quinn (London, UK) @emmalawquinn
17. Alex Morris (London, UK) @ajbmorris

Attending? (not sure yet)

1. Rebecca Bonney - Doyle (London, UK) @Facilities_Show
2. Gemma Went (London, UK) @gemmawent
3. Tim Duckett (Sheffield, UK)
4. Jean-Ann Clulow (Darlington, UK)
5. Rebecca Owens (Bromborough, UK) @builderscrap
6. Alex Smith (London, UK) @AlexSmith68

Removing Your Name From The List - If you register for Be2camp North but can no longer attend, please let us know (you’ll be missing out though!).

Be2camp founders


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