Be2Awards & Be2TALKS 2012

Celebrating social media in the built environment

The @Be2Talks + Be2awards - London, 26 September 2012

London Social Media Week included the second running of the Be2Awards and @Be2Talks - a celebration of technology, B2B social media and the built environment - at the Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1 (but also live-streamed, live-blogged, tweeted, etc).


Top built environment speakers!

Welcome, introductions, house-keeping, etc - by Bernie Mitchell 

House Slides:


  • Richard Saxon, recently appointed the Construction Industry Council's BIM Ambassador, talked about BIM (building information modelling) and growth.
  • Carlton Reid, one of Britain's leading writers about cycling, talked about bikes, the built environment and social media
  • Tim Oldman talked on the importance of coffee on workplace effectiveness
  • Nick Katz expounded on Honest Buildings, networking and property
  • Mark Stodgell, IT chief at Pozzoni Architects, talked about BIM and how social media helped raise the profile of his firm
  • Phil Sorrell, web developer and outdoor enthusiast, opened eyes on use of geo-location data for geo-blogging
  • Liz Male, TrustMark chairman and sustainability PR expert, talked about repair, maintenance and improvement and the Green Deal



Nominations for the Be2Awards were 'crowd-sourced', the lists were collated, some categories were merged, and voted upon, and we announced the winners!

Since June 2008, the social media advocacy community, Be2camp, has been helping the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and related industries think about and deploy Web 2.0 tools and techniques. The world's first awards for social media in the built environment, the 2011 Be2Awards were presented in London in February 2011.


Richard Saxon transcript:

Mass take up of BIM is a turning point for UK construction. This is transformational technology but it supports and depends on changes in culture and communication. BIM is basically the switch to digital information: trustworthy, computable and sharable: a shared virtual resource for design, building and operation. Perfect info!

Collaboration was always possible with the up-draft of goodwill and good processes. BIM is like the Wright brothers adding an engine to a glider: it makes collaboration possible at any time; updraft not needed.

Productivity has been flat for decades in construction, with prices climbing above inflation and profits poor. Demand is depressed by this. BIM will deliver substantial growth, and continue to do so.

Negroponte (70s MIT) predicted in The Architecture Machine three stages of change: Accommodation (2D CAD); Adaptation (BIM L2); Evolution (unpredictable change).

Example of evolution in retailing since EPOS. Cars, Planes and Ships all use ‘BIM’.

Stakeholder value uplift from BIM, examples:

• Clients: better assets for less risk, Capex and Opex; whole life service offer.

• Consultants: productivity hike; wider service offer; less risk; more control.

• Contractors: integrator role; less risk or scope for exploiting clients; more offsite and standard product; faster; cheaper; better; FM service opening.

• Specialists: less risk; more offsite; merge with product sector? Consultancy?

• Product makers: Transformed ‘offsite’ offer; e-catalogues: downloaded models.

• FMs: greatly increased scope; outcome and feedback role; building automation.

• BIM providers: huge world market for software and services

• Regulators: making regs into apps: auto permissions.

• Public: more sustainable built environment, econ, env, social. Growth and better quality jobs.

Communications in BIM-enabled world: less adversarial; more collaborative. Formal comms in working with the model. Informal comms in relating across the team.

Using Facebook to access product and model information? PAS1192.

Alliances will be important: consultants and contractors will work in more stable teams, continuously improving. Plug and Play methods between firms. 24-7 mobile working in the Cloud; few landlines on sites.

Growth will flow from demand for better product and service at lower WL cost.

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