Be2camp Brum

Inspired by previous Be2camp events in London and Liverpool, Be2camp Brum was held at the Fazeley Studios, Birmingham, on 12 August 2009.

The lunch time start and late finish encouraged a more social affair in collaboration with the nearest pub in the evening. The main event concluded with a Pecha Kucha session inviting speakers to abide by the quick-fire rules with an alternative presentation.

Be2camp Brum content 1

  • Online: The rise and rise - Paul Wilkinson, pwcom 2.0 (@EEPaul)
  • Save your Energy: the Summerfield experience - Claire Hardwick, Family Housing Association
  • Visualising the City: Towards an open solution - Dave Harte, Digital Birmingham (@daveharte)
  • Built Environment visualisation in Second Life - David Burden, Daden (@davidburden)

Be2camp Brum content 2

  • Construction podcasts - Victor Tsemo, WMCCE
  • Applying Web 2.0 in Bovis Lend Lease - Dave Glennon, Bovis Lend Lease (@bigman100)
  • Curating the Hyperlocal - Rob Annable, Axis Design Architects (@eversion)
  • OpenStreetMap: the Power of Crowd-sourcing - Brian Prangle
  • Connected Environments - Usman Haque, Pachube (@pachube)
  • Making Life Playable - Toby Barnes (Mudlark)

Be2camp Brum content 3

  • The Be2camp Sustainability Manifesto - Martin Brown, fairsnape (@fairsnape)
  • A social media surgery 'recipe' - Nick Booth, Podnosh (@podnosh)
  • Touchscreen tour of Birmingham - Andy Hartwell, Substrakt (@andyhartwell)
  • Psychogeography - John Bounds, BiNS (@bounder)
  • The perfect storm: the changing media world - Phil Clark, Building Magazine (@zerochamp)

Be2camp Brum content - The Pecha Kucha pressentations

  • Michael Kohn (Slider Studio) on enabled self procurement
  • David Harte (Digital Birmingham) on What I talk about when I talk about running
  • Paul Wilkinson ( Ltd) on Social Media isn't....
  • Lorna Parsons (Bryant Priest Newman): The Penny Drop

Be2camp Brum was organised by Rob Annable, Lorna Parsons and Soulla Stylianou, with support from Paul Wilkinson and Martin Brown, among others.


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Comment by Bernie J Mitchell on July 1, 2010 at 10:23
I am looking forward to getting out of London and meeting the rest of the Be2camp community.
Comment by Lorna Parsons on September 1, 2009 at 8:39
Comment by Lorna Parsons on August 17, 2009 at 12:56
Informative perspective from the Interactive Cultures team about what constitutes a "podcast". Jon Hickman (@jonhickman) responds to WMCCE's very expensive "podcasts" that we heard about from Victor Tsemo at Be2Camp Brum.

There's an interesting discussion to be had about where audio media broadcasts stand in the construction industry - do they need to be slick, well produced and over edited?

Btw, the overuse of commas around the P word will become clear when you listen.
Comment by Su Butcher on August 14, 2009 at 9:28
Interesting tweets with links from the first part of Be2campbrum:

LornaParsons: #be2camp Useful tools for architects: RIBApedia, knowledge platform:

Memoori #be2camp "Web 2.0 about harnessing collective intelligence" People at Be2camp might like to read Tim O'Reilly whitepaper

SuButcher: Hey @Be2camp YouTube - Save Your Energy - Birmingham March 2009

lornaparsons: Now up, @daveharte talking about the role of Digital Birmingham within the City #be2camp

@daveharte: #be2camp Presentation I've just given (with white background):

HONBLUE: List of actual attenders at #be2camp brum -- (SOLD OUT) (via @SuButcher)

scays: #be2camp Virtual worlds presentation and the possibilities of a real links are unbelievable for extra links

@davidburden: #be2camp - anyone who'd like a longer demo of Millennium Point or B-scape just let me or @soullastylianou know and we'll set something up

davidburden: #be2camp - also various videos at and case studies at

tobybarnes: Seeing Real Time Data (flights & busses) in SL by @daden. #be2camp.

fairsnape: Next up at #be2camp Victor from WMCCE
fairsnape: WMCCE podcast on web at or itunes

Zerochamp: There's a podcast called construction talk. It's run by this outfit #be2camp

daveharte: emailed to say my #be2camp presentation is on their front page at moment as 'hot on twitter'. Dizzy heights eh!

fairsnape: Dave Glennon outlining the Bovis Land Lease web2 approach - mysites at #be2camp
Zerochamp: Lend Lease chief executives actually do blog on the company intranet rather than get their PRs to do it.

scays: #be2camp Rob gives a tantalising glimpse of mapping on the web, via open street map

jonhickman: "We map where no one else wants too" Open Street Map on mapping Kabul #be2camp

daveharte: #be2camp an army of armchair mappers doing tracing. this is fantastic stuff. I want to join that army.

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