Be2camp Brum 2010

The second Be2camp Brum (an 'unconference' about social media, digital tools and the built environment) was held at Birmingham Central Library Theatre, on 12 August 2010, with the usual (for us, anyway!) Eventbrite registration, Live UStream, CoverItLive, Twitterfall and other online components.

The speakers this year included people looking at the possibilities for the new Library of Birmingham building, discussing how digital tools might change the way we experience a 21st century library. Take a look at the introduction.

Catch up with the live blog from Be2Camp Brum 2010 or take a look at round-up blog posts from Meshed Media, Substrakt and Thirlwall Associates.

Presentations, YouTube videos and photos from the day can be found in the Be2Camp Stickyworld Exhibition Rooms and on the content pages (links below). Some more photos of the day are gradually being uploaded here (feel free to add any photos you may have of the event).

Take a look at session 1 content

  • Brian Gambles, Head of BCC Library Services - Introduction to Library of Birmingham Project
  • Tom Epps, BCC Library Services - Second Life and the Virtual Library of Birmingham
  • Peter Marsden, LoB ICT Programme Manager - Technology in the new Library of Birmingham
  • Paul Wilkinson, Introduction to The Be2s, the Be2Camp awards.

Take a look at session 2 content

Take a look at session 3 content

  • Michael Kohn, SliderStudio - Democratic Design: StickyWorld
  • Geoff Henderson, DNA - Web2.0 & Sense of Place urban design project
  • Bob Leung, Woobius - Getting your web 2.0 fix in large companies
  • Alison Smith, Pesky People - Digital Accessibility
  • Brian Dickinson, Do-Little Consulting Ltd
  • Nick Booth, and Alex Hughes, Drawnalism - Librarian at Large

A lunch time start and late finish encouraged a more social affair in collaboration with a nearby pub (the Old Contemptibles, Edmund Streeet) in the evening, also allowing people to join us later in the day after office hours.


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