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Be2camp North was held on Friday 15 May 2009 at FACT in Liverpool, starting at about 10am BST. It was the second unconference focused on Web 2.0 and the built environment, being a workshop run (roughly) on BarCamp principles. This page links to the day's topics, a list of attendees and other stuff.

  • Venue
  • Be2Camp north 'topics' - The 'running order' for the day was set by those wishing to attend, participate and talk
  • Attendees - Around 50 people pre-registered to attend (virtually or in person), but the online audience during the day reached nearly 200 unique visitors
  • Content
Be2campnorth content 1
1. Ada Lovelace Day (Suw Charman-Anderson)
2. Collaboration and BIM (Paul Wilkinson)
3. BIM and social media (Rob Annable)
4. Microblogging and architecture (David Harrison)
Be2campnorth content 2
5. Bottom-up Collaboration (Bob Leung / Daniel Tenner)
6. Construction PR and marketing with Web 2.0 (Paul Wilkinson)
7. A social media guide for the AEC industry (Pam Broviak)
8. Internet of Things (Adrian McEwen)
Be2campnorth content 3
9. Second Life (various)
10. EarthExchange (Alex Albon)
11. OpenStreetMap (John McKerrell)

Be2campnorth was organised (or un-organised!) by Paul Wilkinson, Martin Brown and Adrian McEwen. Alex Albon of Earth Exchange helped promote the event.

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