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Introduction to be2campnorth (Martin Brown / Paul Wilkinson)

Ada Lovelace Day - by Suw Charman-Anderson
Suw delivered her talk live via Skype video, but due to sound problems at FACT we couldn't stream the audio feed of her talk onto the internet. Still, at least we showed we could broadcast video of video. (for more about Ada Lovelace Day, click on this Pledgebank page, the FindingAda blog or the Ada Lovelace Day collection)
Collaboration and Building Information Modelling - by Paul Wilkinson
Building Information Modelling and social media - by Rob Annable
The earlier sound problems were resolved, so we were finally able to stream video and audio onto the internet. Paul resumed proceedings (1st video) before commencing his core presentation, after which there was some Q&A, and then (2nd video) Rob Annable presented on BIM and Web 2.0.

Microblogging and AEC projects - by David Harrison
The final section of this Ustream video is the opening of David Harrison's presentation via Skype from New Zealand on Micro-blogging for architectural projects.

Occasional Ustream interruptions mean parts of David's presentation and the follow-up Q&A were caught in the final short videos.

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