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Be2camp@WorkingBuildings2009 - Content 1

Wednesday 7 October 2009: 10am-1pm - Web 2.0 and FM - how Web 2.0 can support new ways of working in facilities management, health and safety, security, occupier/user feedback, etc.

  • Mal Chadwick and Tom Wright (1010uk) - Campaign use of social media to encourage carbon reduction pledges
  • Martin Brown (Fairsnape) - The Be2camp Sustainability Manifesto
  • Martin Brown (Fairsnape) - FM2.0: The Industry Formerly Known as FM
  • Kathy Michell (live from SA) - Community Based FM from townships of South Africa
  • Chris Vernon (OfficeSpace Software) - Simplifying Workspace and Move Management with Next Generation Solutions

Be2camp@WorkingBuildings2009 - Content 2

Wednesday 7 October 2009: 1.45pm-4.45pm - Web 2.0 and sharing AEC data - from collaboration and building information modelling to applications for sharing energy usage data.

  • Paul Wilkinson ( - Web 2.0, sustainability and sharing AEC data
  • Daniel Tenner/James Goodfellow (Woobius) - Woobius Eye: office-to-site collaboration
  • Michael Kohn (Slider Studio) - Applying principles of democratic design
  • Paul Markovits (Asite) - Build London Live
  • John Allsopp (Amonle Studio Worshop) - The 'social' possibilities of ArchiCAD 13
  • Usman Haque (Pachube) - Connected Environments
  • Soulla Stylianou Daden - Facilities Management + Health and Safety Training in Second life

Be2camp@WorkingBuildings2009 - Content 3

Thursday 8 October 2009: 10am-1pm - Web 2.0 for communication - using Web 2.0 in PR and marketing, for recruitment, for training, etc.

  • Ben Harris - 140 X 2.0 +12 = ? Content: build your brand and credibility - demonstrate expertise - get recommended
  • Liz Male (Liz Male Consulting) - Twitter, AEC media and the noble art of PR for the Built Environment
  • Hobson + Porter - The Value is in Giving it Away: Contractor use of social media
  • Jim McHale (Memoori) - AEC-oriented search and knowledge sharing
  • Paul Wilkinson ( Ltd) - Online AEC communities of interest
  • Nathan Doughty (Asite) - The Asite community: Using social media to engage with software end-users

Be2camp@WorkingBuildings2009 - Content 4

Thursday 8 October 2009: 1.30pm-3.45pm - Web 2.0 and location-related data - Building applications that share location data, from Google Maps to Open Street Map, inside buildings, across cities, continents, even virtual worlds!

  • Alex Albon (Earth Exchange) - Google Mapping and Construction Waste Minimisation
  • Chris Sharpe (Holistic City) - A new, searchable database to find relevant housing development case studies
  • Jon Brouchoud and Ryan Schultz (Studio Wikitecture) - Collaborative design in Second Life Design
  • Dr. Cindy Frewen Wuellner (@urbanverse) - Augmented Reality: Dream App or Disaster for Cities (via Kansas City)

Others provisionally suggested but not eventually delivered (maybe next time....):
  • Prof Keith Alexander (UCLAN) - Feedback / Feedforward: Facilities Information Modeling
  • Liz Kentish (FM Coach) - WIFM and social media (Possible!)
  • Martin Brown (Fairsnape) - Extreme and Virtual Geocaching
  • Starting your social media journey - a series of short introduction sessions introducing the main themes of social media for built environment communications

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Comment by Alex Albon on September 21, 2009 at 12:12
Hope to present on 'Earth Exchange' (on the 8th October pm) and how online mapping can help reduce construction waste to landfill and encourage reuse between sites
Comment by Ben Harris on September 21, 2009 at 11:16
With Paul's go-ahead I have set up a linkedin group to help us spread the word about the event.

If you click that you are attending here - it will alert your llinkedin contacts to the fact that you are attending

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