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Wednesday 7 October 2009: 1.45pm-4.45pm - Web 2.0 and sharing AEC data - from collaboration and building information modelling to applications for sharing energy usage data.

Paul Wilkinson (
Daniel Tenner/James Goodfellow (Woobius)
Woobius Eye: office-to-site collaboration
[Slideshare presentation to go here]
Aaaargh, Ustream [operator] *Fail* (no recorded video)!
Instead, here's two of the videos shown by Daniel and James...
(and/or you can view Rob Annable's Qik short video)

Michael Kohn (Slider Studio)
Applying principles of democratic design
[Slideshare presentation to go here]
Paul Markovits (Asite)
John Allsopp (Amonle Studio Worshop)
Usman Haque (Pachube)
Connected Environments
[Presentation based mainly on Pachube and Connected Environments websites]
Aaaargh, another Ustream [operator] *Fail* (no recorded video)!
So here's a couple of the many Pachube videos on YouTube

Soulla Stylliannou (Daden)
Virtual training in Second Life
[Live presentation in Second Life]

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