Green Vision

Green Vision

Be2camp is supporting the Green Vision conference in Leeds on Thursday
7 July 2011

  • Connect with leading building energy thinkers from both UK and globally
  • Share regional, national and international views on the future of energy in buildings
  • Identify opportunities for partnerships, both within sectors, cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary

More details here :


1400 - Keynote speaker 1: Armin Mayer,Institute for Building Efficiency


1430 - Roundtable discussion session A

1515 - Roundtable discussion session B

1545 - Keynote speaker 2: Freeman Corbin, DECK Monitoring

1605 - Pecha Kucha showcase

  • “Affordable Zero Carbon Homes“ Nigel Banks , Keepmoat
  • “Sustainable Business Management“ Eddie Murphy , Mott Macdonald
  • “Power usage vs. Power Quality“ Alex Mardipittas , EMS Ltd
  • “Victorian Terrace to a Code 6 Low Carbon House“ Matthew Hill , LEDA
  • “Half the Battle: what happens to buildings once the builders have left” Adam Woodhall , People Profit Planet

Live video stream via Ustream (

Streaming Live video by Ustream


Join in live chats via Twitter or CoverItLive (use the following #hashtags) on:

  • The role of renewable CHP - #GVis2011 #GVCHP
  • Delivering Low Carbon non-domestic building stock - #GVis2011 #GVlowcarb
  • Taking Solar Thermal to the next stage - #GVis2011 #GVSolar
  • The Green Deal explained - #GVis2011 #greendeal
  • Microgeneration standards and certification - #GVis2011 #GVcert

CoverItLive - the live blog from GreenVision2011


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