Greenbuild Expo 2013

At Greenbuild Expo 2013, Be2Camp and Green Vision delivered an afternoon series of informative and inspiring short fire (Pecha Kucha style) presentations. The speakers included some of the top presentations from Green Vision's programme over the past three years, along with BE2 friends old and new:

1.00 Welcome

1.15 - 2.00 Green Knowledge - how social media can help us learn, share and advance green sustainability knowledge, including essential tips on promoting your green credentials:

  • Be2Camp Story: PR, Social Media and Sustainability – Paul Wilkinson ( Ltd)
  • Green Deal powered by Social Media – Martin Brown (Fairsnape)
  • Green Media – Hattie Hartman (sustainability editor, Architects' Journal)
  • Using social media in sustainability education – Jenni Barrett (UCLAN)


2.15 - 3.00 Green Materials - transparency in green and healthy materials

  • Green Vision - Web enabling sustainability events – Claire Bowles (CKE)
  • Living Building Challenge: The Material 'Petal' – Duncan Reed (Balfour Beatty)
  • Responsible sourcing of building materials - Miles Watkins (Aggregate Industries)
  • Delivering Green Buildings: the Performance Gap - Kerry Mashford (National Energy Foundation)


3.15 - 4.00 Green Futures - what's emerging in the world of green building, featuring:

  • Future Cities and why we need them now! - Paul Toyne, Global Head of Sustainability WSP
  • Green Towns - Prof Angus McIntosh, Oxford Brooks University
  • Recycling glass - Philippa Ashbee, Bottle Alley Glass
  • Bullitt Center - Martin Brown and Claire Bowles



  • Be2 (Be2Camp) are GreenBuild Expo social media partners, and a social media advocacy for built environment sustainability and collaborative working
  • GreenVision, part of the Leeds Sustainability Institute and Centre for Knowledge Exchange and committed to driving sustainable change for construction professionals

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