GVis: Funding green

Leeds Sustainability Institute's Green Vision returned with its Spring series in 2013!

Taking the Demystifying Green Buildings discussion global and building on the success of our earlier seminars, it delivered another Green Vision Half-day Conference.

At the event, kindly hosted by WSP Group Leeds, we drilled down into the detail of Funding models for Low Carbon Retrofit, Business Drivers for Green Commercial Buildings, Community Energy Solutions and the real Green Deal, moving the discussion from existing legislation and targets to where we need to be heading in order to reap the benefits of delivering change.

We were joined by Jon Alker, Head of Policy and Communications at UKGBC and David Symons, Head of Environment and Energy, WSP, who shared their interpretations of the current situation in the sector. David is passionate about helping business take the real lead on driving sustainability rather than just operational efficiency a strong lesson we can all learn from.

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