This page shows the topics for Be2camp North as we have them (so far), organised into an approximate running order. Some topics are timed (BST) to particular slots to allow virtual presentations from New Zealand, the USA and other locations.

Be2camp will start at about 10am and finish at about 5.15pm BST. Real-life attendees can sign in from about 9.30am.

(all times in BST, ie: GMT+1)
09:30 Registration and networking
10:00 introductions, housekeeping, running order, etc
10:10 The Be2camp Manifesto Why? (Martin Brown & Paul Wilkinson)
10:30 Ada Lovelace Day - women and technology (Suw Charman-Anderson - via Skype)
10.45 TBC
11:00 Coffee and networking
11:15 What is BIM and are we there yet? (Paul Wilkinson)
11:30 from BIM to FIM: Facilities Information Management (Steve Forshaw)
11:45 BIM and social media (Rob Annable)
12:00 Potential benefits and barriers to the use of micro-blogging by distributed architectural design teams (David Harrison, New Zealand)
12:15 TBC
12:30 Lunch and networking
13.30 TBC
13.45 Bottom-up collaboration, Woobius, and the philosophy behind a more social (ie trusting) collaborating environment (Bob Leung/Daniel Tenner)
14.00 Web 2.0 and construction PR and marketing (Paul Wilkinson)
14.30 Social media guide for AEC people: out of beta (Pam Broviak Illinois, USA - via Skype)
14.45 The internet of things - Adrian McEwen
15.00 Early tea/coffee break
15.15 TBC
15.30 Wikitecture - a Second life view from USA (Keystone Bouchard)
15.45 Pivote - Second Life emergency training (David Burden)
16.00 SL Pennine Lancs (Elevate) visualisation (Jeff Smithson)
16:15 Late tea/coffee break
16.30 Earth Exchange, map mashups for construction (Alex Albon)
16.45 Open Street Map and (John McKerrell)
17.00 Geo-caching (Martin Brown and others)
17.15 Close

Other possible topics
  • Online communities: the Constructing Excellence collaborative working champions (Martin Brown / Paul Wilkinson)
  • maybe a Second Life contribution from Leeds? (Angrybeth?)
  • Sustainability Now 2009: lessons from the latest virtual exhibition (Phil Clark / UBM?).
  • Passiv Haus link with San Fransisco

What would you like to see? This page includes most of the ideas submitted to date. Please use the discussion forums feature to:
  • volunteer to speak on an existing topic/idea
  • suggest additional or alternative speakers
  • suggest additional or alternative topics
  • nominate speakers where nobody is currently listed
  • volunteer a presentation, a story or anecdote of your own

Remember: Nothing is set in stone yet - Be2camp North will be what you make it. (We suggest a 10-minute maximum for initial presentations; topics on similar themes are now being grouped together on the day.)

Be2camp founders


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