February 2009 Blog Posts (10)

Go Visit the MellaniuM Apartments

Go visit:…


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Come Visit the Apartment

Caleb Booker blogs about the MellaniuM Apartments:

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MellaniuM Apartments:the way in


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MellaniuM Apartments

A sneak preview of the MellaniuM Apartments; Arcitecturally designed using CAD rendered in unreal; soon to be available on web.alive.

Find more videos like this on Serious Games - The Serious Games Networking Portal…


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MellaniuM and the eLounge Experience.

Experience a truly virtual 3D on-line shopping experience. Ask your friends to join you, and together explore and learn about displayed products. It is similar to shopping in a retail store except you are on-line and in control of your real time interactive shopping experience.

* Create your own personal avatar

* Browse and interact with our virtual products

* Walk around and share your experience with customers from around the globe

* Get support from one of our… Continue

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MellaniuM to create content for Web.alive

MellaniuM has secured agreement with NORTEL to create content for their Web.alive virtual world platform.

Web.alive is a virtual world software application that provides an enterprise ready, network secured virtual world platform for collaboration, assisted E-Commerce and virtual learning & training applications. web.alive is embedded directly within a web page ensuring users do not have to leave the site to launch the virtual world. Combining stunning 3D graphics and… Continue

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Be2camp opens doors to collaboration

One of the good things that happened at Be2camp 2008 was that people made contact with other people with whom they shared interests or had complementary knowledge and expertise, leading to further collaboration. I have just read a blog post by Rob Annable (see Note2self) in which he mentions the help he got from Tom… Continue

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MellaniuM to recreate BRAGA 1850

Mellanium have been chosen to create a tele-immersive Virtual Reality World based on Braga 1850.


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WEB 3.0 emerges on Web.alive.

NORTEL has just launched the Lenovo eLounge, beta prototype of their web.alive browser-based 3D immersive platform. It is based on the UNREAL 2.5 engine and has garnered praise for both the quality of the graphics and the embedded VOIP directional communication system. Mellanium has been generating 3D immersive environments on the very same UNREAL platform and by some stroke of sheer inexplicable co-incidence presently have a database of environments which are wholly compatible with the… Continue

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