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CE Study Tour to Japan May09

After 3 weeks of traveling - Tokyo & Sydney - I am so glad to return home and smell my wife's home cooking and reflect on the tour. Our host - BCS of Japan - could not be more accommodating and hospitable, even Japan's construction industry and the economy was in steep decline since the credit crunch last year - an unprecedented depression annualized at 15.2%. Our Japanese colleagues are realistic but not fatalistic. They know that revival can only be achieved through export and even… Continue

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Be2party! building up and raising money

Twitter "buzz" about Be2party! is beginning to build, with events being planned (so far) in Birmingham, Liverpool and/or Preston, London and Tuscon Arizona (courtesy of Leslie Tom). If you want to organise one where you live, please let us know. Otherwise, try to get along to your nearest Be2party! and invite some friends to join you.…


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090521 - Daden unveil Datascape - an information "war room" for the virtual world

Daden unveil Datascape - an information "war room" for the virtual world

A new way of bringing information together and sharing it amongst users has been launched today by Birmingham based virtual worlds consultants Daden Limited. Called Datascape the environment allows users to zoom maps, plot geographic data, view CCTV and webcams, plot 3D data, show slides and objects, view RSS and Twitter feeds, and analyse GPS and earth-sensing data all in a shared immersive… Continue

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Party, party, party - Be2party! 16 June

An idle thought on a blog, an idea while sitting on a train, then a Twitter conversation with a few fellow Be2camp people ... and we've decided to celebrate the first birthday of Be2camp on Tuesday 16 June 2009.

This marks the date when the first Be2camp online presence was established - a humble Google Group (later superseded by a PBwiki and a Ning site, among others).

How will we celebrate? Well, the proposed… Continue

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Be2camp to go international?

After the excitement of Be2camp North last week, things have returned to normality a bit, but the Be2camp "buzz" is alive and well, and there are people around the world talking about organising their own Be2camp events - up to six of them:

- Jodie Miners is considering Be2camp Sydney

- Pam Broviak has talked about organising Be2camp Chicago

- Rob Annable wants to do Be2camp Birmingham

- Martin Brown has apparently been talking to people in… Continue

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MM2 Video

Find more videos like this on Serious Games - The Serious Games Networking Portal

MellaniuM Movin'… Continue

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Be2campnorth Twitter trend

One of the highlight's of yesterday's Be2campnorth in Liverpool was the realisation during the morning that interest in the event expressed via Twitter resulted in the #Be2campnorth hashtag appearing in the 'Trending Topics' list on the Twitter home page - making it briefly one of the day's top…


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Be2camp North is today!

We will be sorting out links to proceedings at FACT in Liverpool later this morning.

Once the event gets under way (10am BST), you should be able to:

Let us… Continue

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Sustainability Now - Today

The virtual event, Sustainability Now is taking place today and tomorrow, 13-14 May. (Register here)

Quite a few Be2camp people are involved, including SuButcher and Martin Brown,… Continue

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CE Study Tour to Japan May09

Our first day in Japan.

We visited a UK based consultant this morning and received a general briefing on how the construction business is conducted in Japan. It is refreshing to hear a number of salient points:

1) Almost every project is delivered on time, There is no such thing as late delivery in Japan. Not completing on time is almost tantamount to personal and corporate shame.

2) Lowest price tendering is the norm, where tendering is used to select the contractor. However,… Continue

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Be2camp Manifesto

Back in October at Be2Camp London, we said that although be2camp happens today, its not just about today, and that there will be other be2camps in the UK, in Sydney and in Illinois, but most importantly the be2camp site will become a hub for built environment web2.0 matters.

Now as we count down to be2camp north this Friday in Liverpool we have 166 members on from around the world, and with be2camp events being planned in Sydney, Chicago and elsewhere, be2camp has become… Continue

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CE Study Tour to Tokyo May09

Well, we arrived.

Alan Mossman and I touch down into a humid, wet and rainy Tokyo yesterday morning after a long and uneventful flight from London. This is the fourth time I have been in Tokyo within the last 2 years and I am getting quite used to the place by now. However, for the first timer, it could be quite bewildering - firstly by the overall sense of orderly and tidiness of Japan. One can sense that everything is in place - from the flatness of the street paving to the practically… Continue

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why everyone should use twitter next week

Next week, the 12 - 15th May, sees a series of built environment ‘events’ in the UK:

Be2camp north in Liverpool 15th May (following on from the worlds first unconference for built environment)

Sustainability Now (13-14th ) Buildings Virtual Conference and Exhibition

The… Continue

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One week to go until The Facilities Show 2009

With less than week until the 10th Facilities Show it’s all hands on deck in the office. Everything is going really well, despite the recession we have broken records on pre-reg and we have had the most in depth marketing campaign to date.

Looking back at last year it is weird to think how much the campaign has changed – social media being a great example of this development. With the current financial climate everyone is having to get creative with their marketing and social media… Continue

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CE Study Tour to Japan 10th to 16th May

With any luck all 14 delegates will arrive safely in Tokyo by next Sunday evening, 15th May, ready to search for new ideas and inspirations to bring back and improve our respective business operation and construction industry at large. This time, we have delegates from Germany and South Africa as well as from UK. Based on the research and the first study tour in Nov07, We know average construction cost in Japan is approx 28% lower than in UK on a £/m2 comparison - but labour hourly rate in… Continue

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Sustainability Now

United Business Media, publisher of Building, Building Design and Building Sustainable Design, are holding the latest edition of their virtual event, Sustainability Now, on 13-14 May. (… Continue

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Join the Be2camp Twibe

If you use Twitter, why not join the Be2camp Twibe? Visit the Be2camp Twibe page.

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