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One Planet One Day

Be2camp 2008 participant Tom Chance, inspired (he says) by the Be2camp event, says BioRegional is hosting some online discussions in the lead up to its One Planet One Day event in December. Some of the speakers are posting key challenges that they'll raise to see what people come up with; they'll take the… Continue

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Can BIM products be exported to other 3D products

I attended the VSMM 2008 and the use of BIM 3D data discussed.

I believe the format (.ifc) contains 3D information; can this be exported or converted into other 3D formats and incorporated data retrieved.

We are looking to convert these into a 3D engine to create a first person perspective Virtual Environment.…


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MellaniuM and the CAVEUT tele-immersion project

Mellanium has started to port its 3D environment Virtual Real World products into the CAVEUT. CAVEUT is an open source freeware project to make tele-immersive projection-based virtual reality affordable and accessible.

CAVEUT is available in various versions from simple home made to advanced real-time spatial tracking and stereo graphic imaging. By employing a commercially available 3D engine (UE2-3) richly detailed graphics, high-speed performance, in-built physics/sound engine, a… Continue

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AMEE wins funding

An EarthTech blog posting says AMEE (one of the sponsors of Be2camp 2008, where Jamie Andrews delivered an excellent presentation) has raised $1 million from San Francisco-based O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

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Why E-Mail is Failing Us

Those who enjoyed Suw Charman-Anderson's keynote at Be2camp 2008 on the evils of email might be interested to know that she talked on the same topic in Berlin earlier today. Read about it in a Computer Weekly blog here or read Suw's own account here.

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Construction Marketing 2.0

I have been invited by my friend Ross Sturley (former marketing director of Emap, publisher of Construction News) to talk about Web 2.0 at an event he is organising next February for the construction special interest group of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIMCIG). He pitched the gig to me as follows:

"Online – the rise and rise. Many are focussing on the apparently… Continue

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My Thoughts and Notes on Be2Camp 2008

I've written up my notes and impression of the conference over on my blog. Rather than copy it all here, as it's pretty long and there are lots of links, I'll just point you at it instead: McFilter: Be2Camp 2008.

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International Build Code

One of the presentations we should have received during be2camp on the 10th October was from Pam Broviak on the International Building Code. The plan was to present within second life and stream into London. Unfortuneately connectivity problems in the afternoon prevented this ambitious plan.

However, a number of avatars gathered in Second Life, on the Public Works island where Pam delivered the presentation.

This can still be viewed on the giant screen especially erected… Continue

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MellaniuM Business Card

New MellaniuM Web Page

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Statistics, statistics

Some facts and figures from Be2camp 2008 in London on 10 October:


  • 50 people registered to attend in person (plus another 11 online)
  • More than 50 people attended Be2camp 2008 in real life
  • During the day, the Be2camp website recorded 183 unique visitors, making a total of 285 visits, to the website
  • Average time per visit that day was 6 minutes 54 seconds
  • The…

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Be2camp 2008 - Pecha Kucha slides now online

The slides and Ustream video recordings from the Building Pecha Kucha session at Be2camp 2008 are, along with the rest of the event's content, now available online… Continue

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G4C - Generation for Collaboration

Last night I attended a small dinner hosted by Constructing Excellence at which, among other things, we discussed how to raise the profile of, and encourage involvement in, G4C.

G4C, or Generation for Collaboration, is the 'early…


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Be2camp 2008 - content now available

A large number of the presentations from Be2camp 2008 (plus associated video recordings, where available) are now on the Be2camp 2008 content page. Enjoy!

Further presentations will be added in due course (we still have a couple of gaps), along with the slides and video recording from the Building Pecha Kucha event. As some presentations weren't delivered on the day, we will also try to include those… Continue

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Be2camp - chaos, community and collaboration

I thought I would share my post in my Zerochampion blog on the event, which I thoroughly enjoyed playing a part in:

Be2camp last Friday ended a frantic week. The phrase out of acorns springs to mind in relation to this venture. We’re not talking a mass community yet but I get the feeling that the issues that were bashed around during the day - how the web will revolutionise the way we work - will become more significant by the week for both the industry I directly work in, media, and… Continue

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3D First Person Viewpoint for Architectural Visualisations for Interior Designers and Architects. by Ken Rigby

2D drawings and plans can be difficult to interpret, and seldom provide a clear picture of what a new development will look like. 3D first person visualizations of proposed schemes are a powerful way to communicate more effectively with planning committees, clients, and other stakeholders, providing a reliable, and photo-realistic impression of the proposed or completed development, in the context of its surroundings. Using 3D engine technology allows a first person viewpoint perspective to… Continue

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What MellaniuM and MMO Virtual Real Worlds can do for you. by Ken Rigby

MMO Virtual Real Worlds (VRWs) are a breakthrough technology that will forever reshape learning, entertainment, and business. After all, we don't want to find ourselves in the position of the chairman of the company who passed up the option to buy Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, saying, "Who wants to hear people talk?".

What do people do in VRWs?

First, VRWs will replace other forms of learning. We believe the thoughtful application of VRW technology will… Continue

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The Internet of Things - Links

As promised at the end of my Pecha Kucha presentation, I've stuck some links for further information about ubiquitous computing, etc. on my blog. You can find it over here.

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Virtual Real Worlds and Architecture.

Mellanium welcome collaboration to apply 3D environments to the Built Environment.

Tele3DWorld and MellaniuM Design have the ability to create realistic real time virtual 3D environments for architectural purposes. These 3D environments can be explored on a computer and over the internet from the comfort of the user's home or office.

Prospective homebuyers, office leasers, approval boards, underwriters, investors, etc., can walkthrough and interact with existing or… Continue

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Architects and Interior Designers are Using 'Virtual Real Worlds' for Commercial Projects.

Taking lessons learned from the print design world, which went from the utilization of drawing boards, acetate, razorblades and photocopiers for most of their work to switching everything to programs like AutoCad, Studio Max, Photoshop, and Illustrator, the interior design world is heading towards the Virtual Real World (VRW). Architects and Interior designers want a better way to keep the various aspects of their complex businesses together are relying on programs that let them budget their… Continue

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Virtual World Dambuster


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