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Sometimes, it is not practicable to use public transport and I have to spend a day driving to meetings. Take yesterday, for example, I had to get from London to Loughborough to do a lecture and then drive on to either Derby or Birmingham for an afternoon meeting before returning home.

During the day, I got an email from Mike Ashton telling me about - a mashup of data from various sources, including Google Maps and the UK… Continue

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Code for Sustainable Buildings

A while ago on my blog I posted on the UKGBC task force UKGBC task group too important to be so narrow? and how it should embrace an open collaborative wiki style approach to the development of the Code for Sustainable Buildings. This code will be so influential and far reaching that it cannot be developed behind closed doors, behind closed servers etc

Now the good news is that the… Continue

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An update on my Pecha Kucha presentation: Sub-metering at the appliance level

At the end of my Pecha Kucha presentation I mentioned the wireless power monitor that I've been building, and also that I hadn't quite managed to get it up and running in time for the conference.

Well, the prototype is now up and running - I'm measuring the amount of electricity that one of my servers is using, and also the temperature and light-levels in the room. That data then gets uploaded to one of the Be2Camp sponsors, Pachube, so you can see the… Continue

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Be2camp coffee - 10 December 2008 - London

Paul Wilkinson and Martin Brown will be meeting up for a coffee at the Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1 on Wednesday 10 December, provisionally from about 10am. Not only will this give you chance to meet up with others involved with the Be2camp 2008 event, it will also be a… Continue

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Digital Cities exhibition at London's Building Centre

Digital Cities looks at how digital technology helps us understand and improve the planning and experience of our city. It will look at the impact on movement in cities: how communication and information technologies enhance a person´s experience of place, how people interpret cities with the use of technology and how mapping influences the design and planning of cities. It will also discuss some of the ‘big brother’ issues such as privacy and…


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MellaniuM reconstructing the CASINO at Ghent using .ifc files and BIM data

Mellanium are busy constructing a 3D Virtual Environment that will allow over 30 users to explore the reconstructed Ghent Casino from .ifc files obtained from Ghent University.

We are working with Ghent university to import the BIM data into the models to demonstrate the usability and sustainability can be offered to the architecture sectors.

Send us your textures and their huddled meshes and will will breathe life in the environment for you to… Continue

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Due to domestic issues, I couldn't attend this week's launch of at London's Building Centre, but I know they have two CarbonBuzz Workshops set to take place next Tuesday and Wednesday morning at the Building Centre. During these sessions (9.30 –… Continue

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Be2camp: systems thinking and the new multi-local network paradigm

Architect John Goodbun has written about Be2camp 2008, at which he presented about OpenTables, and his description may well appear in a forthcoming issue of RIBA Journal. See his WAG blog posting here.

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Free Our Data: the "Jersey Question"

When The Guardian's Charles Arthur spoke about 'Free Our Data' at Be2camp 2008 last month, he was asked a challenging question concerning companies who might choose to locate their business in Jersey. Charles has returned to the topic in a post - The “Jersey question”: what if the profits of free data move offshore? - to the Free Our Data blog. Good to see… Continue

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Another 'My Digital Life' profile

Be2camp member Nathan Doughty of Asite (a sponsor of Be2camp 2008) has been profiled by Building magazine in its "My Digital Life" feature - the second Be2camp member (after Neill Pawsey on… Continue

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MellaniuM starts to port BIM into Virtual Real Worlds.

MellaniuM starts to port BIM into Virtual Real Worlds

The rate at which newcomers join the ranks of BIM users has been increasing, FMI reported. BIM usage grew by three percent in 2003, six percent in 2005 and 11 percent in 2006, the study found.

The basis for the survey was this definition of BIM: Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to the creation and coordinated use of a collection of digital information about a building project. The information can include cost,… Continue

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