Be2Camp is an event run on unconference or BarCamp principles, that will seek find out how we can make better use of new generations of ICT tools – sometimes described as Web 2.0 – throughout the process of building a more sustainable built environment - from planning and design, through construction, to facilities management and beyond. the Be2camp event will discuss how we can combine and use mainstream tools and new 'Web 2.0' applications to improve creativity, information sharing and, most notably, collaboration.

Some of the themes around the event are:
* Web 2.0, Technology, Blogs, Feeds, Wiki's, Twitter, Communities, Collaboration, Extranets
* Sustainability, Building Re-Lifing, Carbon Footprints, Green
* Building Information Modelling (BIM), Mapping, GIS,
* Cloud Computing, Software as a Service - Saas,
* Virtual Worlds, Second Life, 3D Visualisation

The main rule for a BarCamp is "No Spectators" - this means that by attending a BarCamp style event you are in-fact participating in the event, and you are encouraged to actively participate through speaking on a topic, doing a Pecha Kucha presentation, blogging or twittering about the event or even just asking questions and getting involved in the discussions.

Be2Camp is free as in free speech, not free as in free beer In other words, the Be2Camp attendance 'fee' is your contribution, in planning, in presenting or telling your story, in sponsoring or supporting the event in some other way. Let us know via the blogs and forums how you would like to support Be2Camp.

When you come along to Be2Camp please bring with you the following:
* A laptop or internet enabled mobile phone
* A 3G internet dongle / connection if you have one - this will help ease the burden on the Building Centre's WiFi
* A power board and / or extension cord - to juice up your laptop
* A stack of business cards
* 5 words to describe yourself - to add to your name tag
* Questions, Answers and Ideas
* A Passion for learning about the latest and greatest new technology and interesting stuff
* A sense of fun and adventure for trying out something new and meeting new people from around the world (Yes, I'm coming all the way from Sydney.)
* A Pecha Kucha presentation (please sign up on the Pecha Kucha page - we would love for you to get involved)

You will notice that an unconference is not like other conferences you've been to. This is not just passive sitting back in the chair and listening to what is being presented by the "all knowing" presenter at the front of the room. We encourage active participation throughout the day by:
* Presenting a topic yourself (please contact one of the Unorganisers and we will add your topic to the Agenda page)
* Asking questions of the presenters
* Get involved in discussions with other attendees during the break, at the pub afterwards, or on the Be2Camp site before, during or after the event
* If you feel inspired by a presentation and have an idea for a topic to talk on, add it to the agenda on the day and go for it - present your topic
* Blogging about Be2Camp before, during and after.
* Adding content from the day to various Web 2.0 collaboration sites - tagged with #be2camp08 - that way people can search on the tag to find out about the event. Some examples are:
- Photos or comments on Facebook
- Photos on Flickr
- PowerPoint Presentations on Slideshare
- Your Blog - tagged with #be2camp08 also
- Your page on the Be2Camp site
- Use the CoverItLive site that we will set up on the day to start the discussion during the presentation. We will hopefully have the CoverItLive stream on display in the room during the day, and you can view it on-line at any time. More details will be released before the event

If you can't physically attend on the day we will hopefully be live streaming the event onto the Web and into Second Life. More details will be released as we finalise the details of this.

Finally we encourage you to join and become involved in Twitter. For an introduction to Twitter there is a great clip on YouTube called Twitter in Plain English. Start by signing up to Twitter at the website and then follow those of us who are already on Twitter, which you can see on the Attendees page - it's the name starting with the @ symbol.

We look forward to seeing you on the day, either in real life, in second life or virtually via the web.

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Comment by Su Butcher on February 9, 2011 at 9:44

Here's a post about how Be2camp works, for those going in person and those attending online.

Comment by Marcus North on February 8, 2011 at 1:19

great post...definetly follow your blogs.. review


Comment by Bernie J Mitchell on June 24, 2010 at 8:35
You really do get out what you put in, by all participating we will all collaborate & connect and walk away with some 'nuggets' rather than more business cards. #be2campeast
Comment by Su Butcher on June 24, 2010 at 8:17
Want to do a Petcha Kutcha at #be2campeast ? Let us know when you arrive and bring your slides. Any questions contact me via twitter or on this site :-)

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