The Be2Awards will not be held in 2014.

We (Martin Brown and I) had a long discussion about the programme, and about our respective workloads (the Awards take up a significant amount of time to organise). From a purely practical point of view, we decided that we just didn't have the bandwidth to make the events a success this year.

However, we also wondered: is there a need for the Be2awards any more?

When we started Be2camp six years ago, social media adoption was in its infancy and few built environment professionals were using Web 2.0 and related technologies. In 2008, we held our first 'unconference' and - slowly but surely - adoption grew, to the point that in February 2011, we held the world's first Awards purely for use of social media in the built en... (along with some TEDx-style presentations on social media, communication, collaboration and technologies for the built environment).

Today, social media is much more widely adopted and other industry awards programmes have followed our lead and started their own categories for best blog, best use of social media, etc (see, for example, the CIMCIG award categories). Having helped promote social media, and then promoted social media awards, perhaps our job here is done?

We would welcome your feedback on this decision? Should we resurrect the Be2Awards in 2015? If so, do the categories need updating? What did you like most (or least) about them?

The Be2Talks

While the Be2Awards are on hold, we haven't forgotten about the Be2Talks. Arguably, these are what most people who have attended the events find worthwhile, and we like the notion of bringing industry thought-leaders together to talk in TEDx-style about industry technologies and the needs of the built environment. If we can identify the right venue and get some sponsors on board, a Be2Talks event may yet happen in 2014.


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