Oh wow! The summer has taken me by storm - no doubt largely due to the amazing promotion I have been given by the wonderful likes of @lornaparsons who has been officially crowned on Twitter as my Social Media Mum.

It therefore seems fitting that I pass the baton onto my Social Media Dad Nick Booth (@podnosh). It's seems that the whole world knows who Nick is and his fabulous company www.podnosh.com. But for those of you who don't, he's well worth the introduction.

As far as I can work out, Nick turns his hand to pretty much anything that involves getting people excited about having a decent conversation and exploiting Social Media to do so. He has done some amazing things in Birmingham to empower communities and bring together 'experts' to support and champion voluntary and community organisations. Not least with his inspiration that has led to the hugely successful development and running of www.socialmediasurgery.com - Nick enables the social media culture of 'passing on knowledge' to work so successfully and it's already gone global! The reason he is able to get such good will and commitment happening all over the place is because he leads by example. Do check him out. He also did a very fancy bit at Birmingham's latest Be2Camp with a very funky cartoonist.

I consider myself very privileged to move in such circles as Lorna and Nick they are definitely Be2CampStars :) x

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