My nomination for BE2Campstar is Rob Scott, John Lyall Architects

I started following Rob when I found him on Twitter, tweeting about A4E, Architects for Education.

Over the next few weeks/months, Rob followed the antics of COYO, and then started his own fascinating blog about the life of an architect which I often read, and so do many of the kids we work with. It's great to get inside an architects head, contrary to popular belief!, and I hope that other construction professionals will follow suit.

After meeting Rob in London at the Stickyworld seminar down in London (BIG respect to Michael Kohn and Stickyworld - if you don't use Stickyworld already, then you should), then travelling down a couple of months later to visit him and his team at JLA, I realise there's an awful lot of synergy. Rob is doing some great stuff himself with school design, and I really hope that he likes what we're doing over the next few months enough to get involved.

I still refer our students and young people to one of Rob's early blogs, and am really pleased that he wrote it following a question I asked on Twitter regarding the relavence of 'careers advice' in secondary schools. It's inspirational stuff.....

Rob is definitely 'end user' focussed....the fact he appreciates working with women has absolutely NOTHING to do with it :)

Ali Watson, Class Of Your Own

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