My Nomination for BE2Campstar is Rob Annable

I heard Rob speak at the Collaboration Cafe Symposium back in March, and the way that his practice Axis Design involved the community in the design process is pretty exciting. It was a great talk, and I enjoyed having a beer with him afterwards, chatting about how he sees the future of the web become hyper-local. Interesting stuff.

Not only is Rob a nice guy, but I love the way that he's dead on the ball with so many different aspects of web 2.0... and what's more that it is all presented in a creative and beautiful way. I've even heard a rumour that he's using an IPhone app to log whenever his chickens lay an egg...but can that really be true?!!

I'd recommend checking out some of his blogs/websites, especially:

Clippings/images/notes and ideas for designing his own home - love this.

Robs blog - packed full of fascinating stuff - and for me still one of the best blogs of an architect out there. This helped to inspire me to start blogging myself!

Rob on twitter!

Rob is director at Axis Design Architects

...and too many more to mention!

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