Press Release from Green Vision 2011 #GVis2011

The following release was written by Chocolate PR who attended the successful be2camp / CKE event in Leeds on the 7th July:


Unique Event harnesses twitter for World-wide Conversations

 In a bid to take a Leeds industry event’s discussion global, delegates at Old Broadcasting House last week were told “Unlike other events I'd like to encourage you all to switch your mobiles on! We want to share content and encourage interaction worldwide so please do spread it out via twitter, your blogs, on LinkedIn or facebook updates. We won’t think you’re being rude if you’re tapping away – this is what we want to see!”


This was the mantra at GVis2011 – a unique event hosted by Leeds Metropolitan's Centre for Knowledge Exchange and the Construction Sector Network, which brought together the building industry’s leading experts in sustainability at a Green Vision event last Thursday. The encouragement was given by Martin Brown of be2camp and Fairsnape who integrated live social media activity alongside roundtable debates from which attendees were encouraged to share content online and project the discussions onto a global stage.


GVis2011 brought together professionals and academics from the UK and globally at Old Broadcasting House to discuss and debate the future of energy within buildings, focusing on what domestic and non domestic buildings, as well as individuals, need to do to meet the government’s radical carbon emission reductions as detailed in the Energy Bill*.


Integrating technology into all areas of the conference, keynote speeches were Skyped into the building and streamed live online from Armin Meyer, from the Institute for Building Efficiency in Brussels, and Freeman Corbin from DECK Monitoring in the USA, and attendees were encouraged to tweet throughout the afternoon the key points being discussed.


Roundtable discussions and Pecha Kucha* style presentations were blogged and discussed live across social media to encourage perspectives from international individuals and organisations, to give Leeds businesses a wider business vision.


GVis2011 attendees connected with leading thinkers from the UK and globally, beginning with a series of round table discussions. Tweets generated during the debates read: “#gvis2011 #gvchp discussion around the value of CHP in different environments. Mixed views on usage in schools.” “#gvis2011 #gvcert there is still a long way to go re evaluating building energy efficiency with regulated standards ...discuss”. “#gvsolar concerns over the future of legal repercussions preventing uptake of solar thermal. #Gvis2011”. “#gvsolar commercial and domestic worry wether (sic) to invest in solar thermal now or wait... #Gvis2011”. “#GVis2011 #greendeal table discussing impact on consumers .... Increasing energy costs will drive consumer mindset on energy use?”


The tweets were projected onto the walls of Old Broadcasting House as well as the global site.


Karl Redmond, CEO of the Construction Sector Network said: “The event has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been really impressed by the level of interaction and the different areas of expertise that have been brought together. It's not often you go to a conference and you're encouraged to leave your phone on and actually use it!


“The industry needs more of these types of debates to involve everyone across all areas of the industry to  consider energy in buildings for major corporations right through to SMEs. The social media interaction has brought invaluable contributions from all over the world, which is what is needed to make a serious difference to the future of the industry.”


Green Vision is supported by a number of regional partners who hold a commitment to sharing their knowledge, practice and thoughts on the future of energy within the built environment. These include sustainable property developers Citu, the team behind the UK’s most low carbon mixed use development, Greenhouse, The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, RICS, legal experts Squire Sanders Hammonds, social media consultancy Fairsnape and Leeds college of Building. It has also received support and recognition from UKBGBC who share the mission to dramatically improve the sustainability of the built environment.


The virtual networking event was supported by be2camp and Fairsnape who specialise in social media for the built environment. Paul Wilkinson of be2camp said: “It’s great to see people outside of the UK retweeting points raised during the debate, expanding the conference outside of the 4 walls in Leeds to across the world. It’s real time conversation that doesn’t cost anything to generate and has the potential to excite audiences across the world. By Skyping the key note speakers, money and energy was saved through not needing to travel. It is the future of networking and debates.”


Pecha Kucha presentations saw 5 industry professionals present on topics such as Affordable Zero Carbon Homes, Sustainable Business Management; Power Usage vs Power Quality; how to turn a Victorian Terrace into a Code 6 Low Carbon House and what happens to buildings once the builders have left. They had just six minutes and 20 slides to get their key points across ensuring presentations with impact.


Karen Stafeckis of sustainable developers Citu, one of the sponsors of Green Vision, said: “There are so many factors to consider in developing a green building; it takes events like this to bring common problems and solutions to the forefront so that  individuals and businesses across the industry can start making a difference. The roundtable discussions at today's event have been a useful platform in sharing practical, real life experiences which will help pave the way towards more efficient use of energy in buildings”.


More information about the topics discussed during the event and an ebook of the  day can be found at or on Twitter #gvis2011.


-      ends -

Notes to Editors:

  • Images of the Gvis2011 event are attached. Image 1: Karl Redmond of Construction Sector Network, Image 2: attendees during the round table discussions, Image 3: The Pecha Kutcha speakers L-R: Nigel Banks of Keepmoat, Eddie Murphy of Mott Macdonald, Alex Mardapittas of EMS ltd, Matthew Hill of LEDA and Adam Woodhall of People Profit Planet. Image 4: Tweets during the event
  • Further comments are available on all points discussed
  • * More information on The Energy Bill can be found at
  • * More information on Pecha Kucha can be found at


For More Information Please Contact: 

Chocolate PR

Helen MacGregor

0113 236 1835


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