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I've just done a bit of work for a friend of mine, developing a website for a startup business - Floored Genius. It's very much a work-in-progress as they're still getting all of their marketing materials together. As they say in Web2.0 world, "if your project looks finished, you launched it too late."

On the one hand, Floored Genius have a good USP - they've got a classy product that has traditionally been aimed at the corporate market - poured resin flooring that can even have objects embedded in it if you like (though there are lots of other treatments that can be applied - their Stone Genius line, for instance, or the sparkly 'Glitz' treatment.

On the other hand, they've got the problem that a lot of design-led startups have. With a limited budget and not-that-many connections among the domestic interior design mavens, they will struggle to be noticed among a marketplace that - by definition - spends a lot on design in marketing.


There's no point in complaining about this, though it is a 'market failure' of sorts - if you've got a great design product, but marketing costs are a barrier to entry - I'm suggesting that they team up with a few other small businesses that are specialising in eye-catching high-end domestic products to come up with a mutual recomendation network.

For this reason, I'm going to go to the Be2Camp / Tagtribes meetup on Wednesday evening in London - it looks like it may be the very ticket.


Am I right?

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