Refurbishment, retrofitting and the Green Deal

On 17 November 2011, in London, we will be holding a seminar/workshop focused on refurbishment, retrofitting and the Green Deal, with particular emphasis on residential premises and the opportunities for micro, small to medium-sized businesses in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.

As usual for Be2camp events, one of the key areas will be about technologies, including how firms can use social tools and techniques to help find opportunities, win work and deliver successful projects.

The event is jointly sponsored by East London Business Place and Able Power.

The list of speakers is being developed, but so far we have:

  • Martin Brown (Fairsnape Consulting) - Overview of Green Deal
  • Hayley Fry (Federation of Master Builders) - The Green Deal: how can small firms get involved?
  • Vassos Chrysostomou (Construct CO2) - "Green Deal CO2: how can we measure monitor and address carbon reduction through Eco refit?" 
  • Michael Kohn (Slider Studio) - "Delivering a Green Deal project: Online collaboration between owner, designer, contractor and product supplier"
  • Gay Harrington (ELBP) - "The FLASH Project - and the East London Supply-Chain Network"
  • Ian Page (GB Solar & Energy) - "Renewable, sustainable and affordable: Solar and FITs"

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  • East London Business Place provide services to micro and small to medium enterprises in the broader east London area – north and south of the river - and buyers across all industry sectors to source and match local suppliers to the purchasing needs of buyers as part of regeneration efforts in the Thames Gateway.
  • Able Power is an energy consultancy and brokerage, specialising in reducing the cost of energy and the usage through technologies and practices. Able Power offers a free assessment of current energy cost and work with its customers to reduce their cost and usage, ensuring that they are in the strongest position to meet legal and moral obligations that are being introduced, as well as saving them money and helping the environment. Information from

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