Our website www.smartbuilder1.com is now up and features a video of our new product working on site.  SmartBuilder1 -" the no.1 mobile software for construction" is a new mobile SaaS for Android device use on construction sites. It is designed to help contractors save time and money and bring buildings in with zero defects. 

We aim to build in social media on our site and have included there a video of our product working on-site which can be downloaded from YouTube, a tie-in to our Twitter account, a free White Paper "Smartphones on Site" and a blog.  The blog will be written by myself, my colleagues and also some guests from time to time. To quote from it now, our objectives are:

" ...to provide useful information on the subject of IT in construction and in particular mobile IT, to comment on trends in construction and how productivity can be increased through technology, hopefully to entertain or at least to  provide a temporary distraction from your  latest dismal CVR! As well as that we will also be keeping you informed of the fast moving field of smartphones, tablets and enterprise mobility."

I will update this blog on be2camp to keep you informed of new posts on our SmartBuilder blog.


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